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We give our students opportunities to strive for excellence, through learning to learn.


The school Pavilion is a teaching space and an area that is often used by the community with a capacity to seat 50 people comfortably. It has two large changing areas with showers downstairs with two extra toilets upstairs. There is a kitchen with all essential cooking facilities along with a fridge, freezer and microwave. Basic cutlery and dishes are also provided.

Astro Turf

The astro turf is a popular facility with many sports groups. While this facility primarily caters for tennis, netball and hockey, adjustments can be made for other groups to practice skills as necessary.


TKHS and our local community will enjoy a new sport facility from 2023. Our present gymnasium also caters for many sports groups and is well equipped to meet the needs of those who use the facility.


The school hall serves as an important area of the school and has the capacity to seat 400 people comfortably. A student leader assembly is held each Friday.

Seminar Room

The seminar room can be found in the hub of the school and sits alongside the Administration Centre and staff room. The Board of Trustees monthly meetings are held in this space, seating 8 – 10 people comfortably.

Internet access can be made from any of the areas described above.

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How to Hire

The gymnasium, hall and pavilion are available for hire outside of school hours, the weekends and during the school holidays at very competitive rates. The all weather turf/tennis courts are also available, at no extra cost.

Enquiries to hire any of these facilities can be made via reception on (07) 8786292 or email

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