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Te Kuiti High School welcomes applications from International Students who wish to  experience a rural lifestyle.

Student Enrolment


Enrolment for each New Year begin in July. A member of senior leadership pays a visit to all contributing Primary schools: Centennial Park, Pukenui, Rangitoto, St Josephs’ Catholic Primary and Te Kuiti Primary. An enrolment pack for each year 8 student is left at each school. Enquiries from outside of the area are always welcome and a visit to the school followed by a meeting with senior leadership is encouraged. 

Applications are open for 2024 and can be requested from Karen by email or phone - 07 878 6292

Please complete the two forms below (click the links):

  1. Student Enrolment - Application Form

  2. Code of Conduct - Parents, Caregivers & Visitors

Please return the form by email or post:

The Principal,
Te Kuiti High School,
P.O. Box 264,

Te Kuiti 3910
New Zealand

or email it to:

Enquiries regarding enrolment or other school related matters can be met by making an appointment to see any member of the Senior Leadership Team - Mr. Gareth Williams (Principal) or Mrs. Rebecca Rapley (Deputy Principal). Occasionally a phone call is all that is required, depending on the nature of the enquiry. School office hours are from 8.00am to 4.00pm and your enquiry can be made using either of the following:, (07) 8786292. Student Administration hours are from 10.30am to 12.00noon and 12.30pm to 2.30pm.


The purpose of a Gateway is to:

  • encourage students to stay engaged in learning by providing a motivating and disciplined programme;

  • help students to gain improved qualifications and help them prepare to move successfully into the workforce or further education and training.

International Students


Te Kuiti High School has a tradition of hosting and providing educational experiences for international students. Sadly these are on hold in 2022 due to COVID restrictions.

In order to maintain a high level of personal support and to ensure an "authentic" New Zealand experience, we limit the number of international students attending our school at any one time.

The school is a signatory to the ‘Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students’ which provides a framework for service delivery by educational providers to international students in New Zealand.

The code applies to pastoral care and provision of information only and not to academic standards.

On arrival at the school diagnostic assessments are completed to ensure suitable class placement.

Students are guided on subject and option choices based on their previous academic record and course requirements for any future tertiary education and participate in an orientation process to ensure a smooth transition into a New Zealand educational setting.

Te Kuiti High School welcomes applications from International Students who wish to experience a rural lifestyle short or long term.

All short-term exchange visits up to 21 days will be as follows:

  • $80 per student, per day based on 20 or more students in the group.

  • $90 per student, per day based on 18-20 students in the group.


Te Kuiti High School look forward to hosting short-term groups during term times only.

Applications should be posted to: The Principal, Te Kuiti High School, P.O.Box 264, Te Kuiti 3910, New Zealand.


International Contacts


We welcome overseas students regularly, through schemes such as AFS and Rotary International, and our students in turn travel overseas with these organisations.

We have hosted numerous short-stay groups from Japan and Thailand, and opportunities arise from time to time for groups of our students to travel abroad.


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Application Forms and Information for Download

→  International enrolment form. Please print, fill in the form and post it to:

The Principal,
Te Kuiti High School,
P.O. Box 264,
Te Kuiti 3910
New Zealand

or email it to:

→  General information and guidelines for parents and students regarding applying for a place: Information About Student Place

→  How to enrol at Te Kuiti High School and apply for a Student Visa: Enrolment Procedure

→  An itemised list of fees and expenses:

Fees and Expenses

→  Accommodation policy information including options available: 

Accommodation Policy

→  Te Kuiti High School requirements regarding school attendance and termination of contract: Attendance and Termination

→  Te Kuiti High School conditions for refunds of fees: Refunds of Fees

→  An information and advice booklet for students in homestay accommodation:

Homestay Accommodation

→  An information and advice booklet for host families: Host Family Guidelines

→  Grievance Procedures advice and information: Grievance Procedures

→  Tuition Agreement: Tuition Agreement

→  Orientation and Welfare Checklist:

Orientation and Welfare Checklist

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