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How to Log in to a Belkin Router

Using the Belkin Router Login IP, this post will demonstrate how to log into your Belkin router. Changing your Wi-Fi network settings, protecting your network, and other things can be done by logging into your router.

Whatever the cause, we'll quickly guide you to the login page!

1. Initialize your network

Connect to the wireless or wired network that your Belkin router is broadcasting using your smartphone or computer.

2. Go to the IP address for Belkin router login

Open your preferred web browser and go to the IP address for the default Belkin login page: You can reach the login screen by typing or pasting that URL into your browser.

3. Type in your login password.

No username is necessary to log in.

The Belkin router's default password is only (blank), therefore leave the field empty instead of typing anything. Simply click Submit after seeing the login page without inputting anything.

Password-resetting your router

If this doesn't work, it's likely that the default password has been altered without your knowledge. Simply restore the factory defaults on your Belkin router if this is the situation.

This can be accomplished by holding down the reset button on the device's back with a paper clip or pen for 15 seconds until the router reboots on its own.

4. Modify the standard password.

Changing the default admin password to a more secure one is a smart idea now that you're logged in. This option can be found on the control panel, or (on some routers) you may be asked to set one as soon as you log in.

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